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Citizens For Truckers Rights
News and Events

Stay on top of what's happening in the industry.


The trucking media is able to reach hundreds of thousands through the world wide web.

With the internet we can stay informed of current events and issues that we face, as long as you take the time to seek out that information.

The following sites provide us with news that not to long ago would have taken a week or more to get to us if at all.

In the News...

Register to make comments and receive updated information from the FMCSA and the their plan 2010. I think it would be excellent if everyone belonging to CFTR were to sign on under these pages. This site is really important for the future of the industry. Check out what may be in store for the trucking industry and stay on top of what FMCSA is up to...


Trucking Journel

Movin Out

Land Line

Transport Topics

Industry sites that are woth the visit.



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