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Citizens For Truckers Rights
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My research is only about 18 months old and all though I can prove a lot, I have several hundred policy mandates and amendments that have to be gone through in order to prove that truck drivers are being unfairly targeted for discrimination, harassment and excessive liability. Since the Federal Highways Administration and NTSB deal more with motor carriers rather than individual drivers there is another layer of bureaucracy to peel through.
I was a peace officer when domestic violence was a family problem and as a cop I could do nothing but referee a family fight, rape victims were persecuted and drunk drivers got 30 days for killing someone. I also know how many years I appeared before our state legislature trying to get some change and how long it took. I also know that change came when mothers against drunk drivers got in gear, when rape victims got there act together and started fighting back and when family members banded together to get the abuser out of the house and into jail , the politician started paying attention and laws were enacted to help.
This is why I am so gratefully for the trucker wives because upset women are what make politicians sit up and take notice.


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