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Citizens For Truckers Rights
About Us

CFTR was founded by a group of Truckers Wives that want to make a positive change in the trucking industry.

Our Goal

Our group is dedicated to fighting for changes that will improve the lives of our families. We hope to get the attention of our Government and let them know that the current ways do not work for most of us. We want to see our truckers come home safe and make an honest living while being happy with the industry that drives them. CFTR was formed by a group of Truckers Wives that are concerned about what has come of the trucking industry. We have decided to take a stand and work for positive changes in the trucking industry.

CFTR is fighting to stop the current Hours Of Service Proposal, petitioning to stop Mexican Truckers from entering the US, getting more truck safe parking, improving the publics opinion of the Truck Driver, pay for wait time, lowering fuel cost and more. We have seen many changes in Trucking in the past few years, and many more are right around the corner. It is up to you the Truckers to make your opinions known.

The current HOS proposal will put thousands of new trucks and drivers on the road. This means more trucks waiting to load and unload. More trucks looking for a safe place to park. More trucks rollin down the highways. How long do you wait to load?? How many times have been told to have your load there at 7am only to wait till 11am to back up to the dock. Are you paid for this time? If not why? Aren't you worth it, after all it is your time. Have you lumped your own loads for $50.00 while knowing that if you where paying a lumper you would fork out $120.00. Why is your time worth less? These are just a few issues that we intend to work on.

We need to let Capital Hill know that the truckers are what keeps this great nation of ours going. Without Trucks America Stops. We need to stand up for our rights and fight to make a positive change in the industry. We have seen a few protest and petitions around this past year and that is great, but we can not stop there. We have to continue to write letters and send in petitions. In numbers will get noticed. Not over night but eventually......

Follow the links at the top of the page to learn more about us and what you can do to help make a positive change in the industry.

Our Plan

We want to send the largest petition to Capital Hill concerning Truckers Rights. We intend to write to every Government Official and Trucking Company to promote our cause.


Our Partners

Valued members of our group who help to ensure our plan is the best it can be. Join Us and get involved and you may find yourself being featured here.

Group Leaders

Debbie Allen
Charleston, SC

Connie Usher
Auburn, NE

Deanna Johnson
Pierz, MN

Email: CFTR

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