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Welcome to my truck related


Being married to a truck driver is not easy...
but it is not the hardest thing in the world either.
When they are on the road you miss them dearly
and when they are home you learn to take advantage
of every minute.. It is not a burden to sit home all
weekend and hang around the house. I enjoy the time
we can spend as a family so much more. You never
know how much the little things matter.  That is the one thing
I think a truckers wife has over the wife with a husband that
comes home every night.  We miss them enough to want
to spend every minute we can with them, like when you first
started dating way back when...


My trucker hubby has driven OTR and local. At this time he is
driving a roll-off truck and home every night... We have no way
of knowing how long he will be able to work local so we still take
advantage of our time together....and it is a big plus to have Dad
home while the kids are still young...


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