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Recruting letter

                                                         Citizens For truckers Rights

Who are we?

CFTR was formed by a group of trucker's wives who are concerned and fed up with different aspects of the trucking industry. We have decided to do all we can to help make sure that needed changes take place. We are also here to make sure that EVERY truck driver's opinion is heard loud and clear by the people who need to hear it. Drivers have a hard job to do and most of them probably don't have the time to get out and make sure they are heard. We can help you with that.

What are the issues?

We will continue to fight against the Hours of Service propasal. Changes do need to be made, but not the way they are proposing. What they are trying to do is later publications, we can get into that subject in more detail.

We are also fighting for:

We also would like to see a revival (so to speak) of the truck drivers. Truck drivers used to be a close knit group. Now they are bickering back and forth or ingoring each other. One trucker's problem isn't another trucker's problem. that is simply not true, you are all in the same boat, you need to look out for each other.

Why has this changed so much in the last few years? We intend to find out!

How can you help?

Join us and stand up for the rights of truck drivers. You may be thinking, I am not a driver, don't even know one so why should I care? I'll tell you why you should care, look around you, everything in your home was delivered to the store you bought it from by a TRUCK DRIVER. Enough may not know that driver personally but you DO have a connection to him/her.

Maybe you are the spouse, sibling, parent, friend,cousin, dispatcher or even the boss of a truck driver. If so, this is the group for you. Show your driver that you care enough to stand up for him/her and to make a difference.

We are looking for people interested in petition drives and/or letter writing campaigns. We also need leaders in every state for recruiting new members. Oh, not to worry, there is much to do.

How do you join?

Contact us: With your membership you will get a monthly newsletter by email or snail mail to keep you informed and on top of what's happening.

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