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Pre Paid Legal....

Just might change the way Truck Drivers are unfairly ticketed
due to the fact it is easier to pay, then to fight it. This plan will allow you
to stand up for yourself and be represented by lawyers that specialize in
CDL Laws. If you are ticketed or even put in Jail all you have to do is call Pre-Paid Legal Day or Night and you have an attorney working for you.

Commercial Drivers Legal Plan  $32.95/month
(plus a one time $25 enrollment fee)

The Commercial Drivers Legal Plan was developed to provide Commercial Drivers and their spouses access to legal services by providing coverage for personal and commercial vehicles.
The CDLP plan provides:

Tragic accident representation
Bail bond service
Moving violations
DOT and non-moving violations
Arrest bond protection
License reinstatement
Property damage collection
Personal injury collection
A 25% discount on all other legal services

*This plan is underwritten by Road America.

Get the CDL Plan and the Family Plan and you are covered, your spouse is covered, and your dependents are covered. Take a look at our family plans..

Legal Service Plans Available:

Featured Plans

Expanded Plan  $25/month
(plus a one time $10 enrollment fee)

The Pre-Paid Legal Expanded Plan provides members and their families with the same coverage available to them under the Standard Plan, with the added bonus of increased trial defense hours for only $9 more a month.

Standard Plan  $16/month
(plus a one time $10 enrollment fee)

The Pre-Paid Legal Standard Plan provides members and their families access to the legal services they need most. Plan benefits include:
Preventive legal services
Motor vehicle legal defense services
Trial defense services
Audit services
A 25% discount off legal services not specifically covered by the membership.
Those covered by the membership plan include the individual who purchases the membership along with their spouse and unmarried children living at home up to age 21 or up to age 23 if the children are full time college students. Also included are children up to age 18 for whom the member is legal guardian and any dependent child, regardless of age, who is mentally or physically disabled.

Also available is an alternate version of the Standard Plan in which members must select their own attorney to provide plan benefits.

Legal Shield Plan  (an additional $1)
The Legal Shield plan can be added to the Standard or Expanded Plan for only $1 a month. It provides members with 24 hour access to a toll-free number for attorney assistance if the member is arrested or detained. A quick call to the toll-free number puts the member in touch with the Corporate Office who will then put the member in contact with his/her provider lawyer.
The Legal Shield membership will not apply in situations involving:

Any matter in which the member is alleged to be under the influence of or impaired by alcohol, intoxicants, controlled substances, chemicals or medicines.

Alleged domestic violence or alleged stalking.

Outstanding warrants.

Assistance in making, posting, or obtaining bond, bail, or other security required for release.
The benefits of the Legal Shield membership are subject to conditions imposed by the detaining authority, which may not allow for the Provider Lawyer to communicate with the member on an immediate basis.

Add the Home Bases Business Plan, great for O/O and have an attorney fight for your business.  Have a lawyer take care of money owed to you and any other legal matter that may come up involving your trucking business....

Home Based Business Rider (an additional $14.50)
The Home Based Business Rider was designed to provide small business owners who need access to commonly needed legal services for a low monthly cost. It can be added to the Expanded Plan in approved states. To qualify, the business and residence address must be the same with three or fewer employees, and be a for-profit business that is not publicly traded.
Benefits include:

Unlimited business telephone consultation
Three business contracts per month
Three business letters per month
Three debt collection letters per month
Trial defense at a 25% discount
Discounted services -- all other at 25% discount
Business consultation services and other numerous small business focused benefits through

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